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Open Gate and Chinese Boxing Institute International have brought in other masters as well to train in Chen Tai Chi. The Brother of Chen Xiaowang is Chen Xiaoxing and the nephew is Chen Bing. We have brought in both for seminars in the past years. Below are short bios of the two masters. Go to Chen Xiaoxing's page in our site to see the seminar pictures when he visited us. Go to Chen Bing's page to show the seminar pictures from his visits to Florida and Tennessee.


Chen Xiaoxing


(the following is taken directly from Chen Xiaoxing's (web site)


Chen Xiaoxing, born in 1952, is a grandson of 17th generation lineage holder Chen Fake, youngest son of Chen Zhaoxu and brother of the current lineage holder, Chen Xiaowang. Chen Xiaoxing is the principal of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan School in Henan province. He is the living embodiment of the Chen Village Taiji tradition and the leading representative of the Chen family in China. Chen Xiaoxing is known as Taiji Miao Shou ("highly skilled person") of the Chen family 19th generation. From 1979-1985 he won seven first-prize titles in national and provincial martial arts tournaments in Taiji push hands and weapons. Although highly skilled and recognized as a great master, he is very modest and approachable, even choosing to live in the school amongst the students.


Chen Xiaoxing began his training at an early age under his uncles Chen Zhaopei and Chen Zhaokui. Like his brother, he defeated many high level martial arts experts with taiji gongfu. He later continued his training under the guidance of his older brother, Chen Xiaowang. He upholds the tradition of direct transmission and is responsible for training the current generation of masters from Chenjiagou.


Chen Xiaoxing is known to be generous in sharing his knowledge as he directly oversees the training of local and foreign students. Since 1983 he has been teaching students at the Chen Jia Gou Taiji school as well as students in Shan Dong, Hu Bei, Zhe Jiang, Guang Dong and Liao Ning. From 1985 to date, he has been invited to teach traditional Chen family Taiji in Russia, Japan, South Korea, USA, Europe and South America as well as teaching students from all over the world who have come to China seeking his expert instruction. He has received groups of students wanting to learn martial arts as well as many tourists. In 1996 he was presented with a special award by the Henan Martial Arts Association for his contribution to the success of students in the provincial and international teams.


Chen Xiaoxing was awarded the title of 'Star of Taiji' by Wen Xian county in 1994 and the title of International Taiji Master in 1998. additionally, in 2001 he was employed as Chief Instructor by the Wen Xian Educational Authority. In April, 2004 he was employed by the China International Martial Arts Promotion Center as a Chinese and International Martial Arts Professor. He has been regularly featured in articles published by popular martial arts magazines and continues to be sought out in literary circles as an expert in his field.


Chen Bing


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Chen Bing, master of Wenxian County Chenjiagou Taijiquan School, is an outstanding representative of the 20th generation Chen- style Taijiquan. At a relative “young” age of 35 in the world of Taijiquan and martial art, his fame extends many parts of China, Japan, Korea as well as U. S. In addition to his currently appointed position of headmaster, he also holds the following positions and associated responsibilities


President, Chenjiagou (Chen’s Village) Taijiquan Association

Vice Provost, Chenjiaguo Taijiquan and Wushu School

Honorary Master, Fudan University Chen-Style Taijiquan Association Special instructor, Korea Chen-Style Taijiquan Association


Advisor, Japanese Chen-Style Taijiquan Association

Honorary Master, Hubei Province, Yichang District Taijiquan Association.

Born in 1971, Chen Bing grew up in Chenjiagou, Wenxian County, Henan Province, China. He started his Taijiquan lessons from his two renowned uncles, Grand Master Chen Xiaowang and Grand Master Chen Xiaoxing at the age of 6. Between 1990 and 2000, Chen Bing gradually received recognition through his participation in the regional, national wushu tournaments:


1990, he won 1st place honor in Taijiquan, Sword and Taijiquan Combat at the Jiaozhou City Athletics Competition.

1993, 1998, 2000, he won 1st place in Chen-Style Taijiquan at the Wenxian County International Taijiquan annual festivals.

1995, 1996, 1997, he was crowned five consecutive times as Champion in Taijiquan, Sword as well as Taijiquan Push Hands.

1996, 1998, 2000, he won 1st place of Taijiquan Push Hands in the 70kg class at the National Wushu Taijiquan Contest.

1996, he won 1st place in 70kg class as well as the Tournament Championship at the Wenxian County International Taijiquan Open Challenge Tournament, 1997, he won 1st place in all-round Taijiquan at Henan Province Wushu Tournament.

2001, he won two 1st prizes at Hainan’s 1st International Taijiquan Health Association annual festival.

Chen Bing began to promote Chen-Style Taijiquan while he was attending the college in 1999. He graduated from the Shanghai Physical Education College in 2001:

1999, he created Fudan University’s Chen-Style Taijiquan Association.

2000, he was invited to participate in the 1st International Qi Culture Festival at Seoul (Korea in May, 2006). And in November, he was invited back to Korea for three months teaching Taijiquan.

2001, he was invited to Japan for a month long Taijiquan instruction in July.

2001, September, he went back to Chenjiagou and established Chenjiagou website: to promote his hometown and Chen-Style Taijiquan. 2002, May, as head coach, he brought the Henan Taijiquan Push Hand team to the National Wushu Competition and won two gold medals and a bronze medal.

2003, he accepted an offer from Bo-Chuan Chinese Medical University in Korea as a university lecturer.

In the same year he was honored by Henan Province as “Exceptional Kunfu Trainer.”

2004, he made multiple visits to US to teach Taijiquan and conducted workshops in San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, Columbus, Ohio, and Pheonix City. In the same year, he was designated “master instructor” by the Chinese International Wushu Promotion Center.

2005, May, he was invited to Columbus, Ohio to participate in the Asian Festival. The cover story of “Inside Kungfu” magazine featured an interview with Chen Bing “Chen for Life” in its December issue.

2006, appointed by the Wenxian County as the head trainer at the Wenxian Wushu Taijiquan School.

Critics’ reviews: “achieved great success on tournaments with superb technique and integrity incorporated in both taijiquan and martial arts.”



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