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Chinese Boxing Institute International is a martial art organization born in 1981. James Cravens is the current President. Open Gate Martial Arts School is directed by Paul Vieira, a long time martial art teacher in South Florida. Both James Cravens and Paul Vieira have hosted Chen Xiaowang since 2003.


Chen Xiaowang


Chen Xiaowang is a 19th Generation Chen Family Tai Chi Grandmaster. His father, Chen Zhaoxu (1911-1960) 18th generation and his grandfather Chen Fa ke (1887-1957) 17th generation were very high level Tai Chi masters. He has served in the Chinese National People’s Assembly as the sole deputy elected from Taijiquan circles.


Chen Xiao Wang was born in 1946. From a very young age he was inspired by his ancestors and grandfather Chen Fa ke, who is considered to have been the greatest Taiji Master at the beginning of this century. He undertook a rigorous training discipline to master and be the standard bearer of the family art. He subsequently won China's National Tournament three times consecutively, in 1980, '81 and '82. Winner of the gold medal in Taijiquan at the First International Wushu Championship held at Xi’an, China in 1985, and several times the gold medalist at national Championships, he has fostered a huge number of talented people in Taijiquan. He has students all over the world, and student’s students-sometime up to five generations-some 1500 of them prizewinners. Until now his classes have been attended by over 60,000 people. In 1988 he was recognized by the Government of China with a special award for contributions to Taijiquan development.


Chen Xiao Wang receives New Award


We are pleased to inform you that Grand Master Chen has been awarded the 9th Duan Wei ranking by the China’s Wushu Association. This is the highest ranking in Chinese Martial arts awarded to only a few people who have made substantial achievements in their respective martial arts and made great contributions and impact on Wushu development. We offer our warmest congratulations to Grand Master Chen.

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