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DVD’s and Videotapes and other products can be ordered from Chen Xiaowang's Main Site


From this site you can order the book below:


Chen Xiaowang's Book



Chen Xiaowang's new book is a beautiful pictoral and written text consisting of 344 pages using full color photographs. The book contains pages that are 10.5 inches x 15 inches in size and weights 8 lbs. All who view it are most impressed with its quality.


To order:

Make Money Order out for $140.00 (the book is $125 and $15 for shipping and handling included in the $140)

and pay to the order of:


Kai Sai Alliance Inc.

and mail check to:



P.O. Box 772922

Coral Springs, FL 33077


The book is 8 lbs and we have been shipping it Media Rate in order to get the lowest price on shipping.


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