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  • Christopher Casey

    Founder of Chinese Boxing Institute International.  10 years as Chief Liaison Officer for the Koushu Federation Republic of China U.S Mission and Koushu European liaison as well.  Died in 1986.

  • James Cravens

    James Cravens is the President and Director of CBII and has continued the organization that was started by his teacher Kai Sai. Mr. Cravens has been in the martial arts since 1965. Since 1995 Mr. Cravens has been practicing Chen style Tai Chi and has been a Junior member of the executive council of the American Chen Tai Chi Association. For almost eight years Mr. Cravens has been hosting and studying with Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang. In March of 2006 He became a direct student with a cermony in Chen village. Please direct all inquiries to Email or write to: CBII, P.O. Box 772922, Coral Springs, FL 33077

  • Detlef Zimmermann

    Detlef Zimmermann is the chief representative of CBII and senior liaison for CBII in Europe. He resides in Hannover Germany. He can be reached by email here. You can learn more about him at:


    His main Web Site. Additional web sites are Here and Here

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