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After four months at the Elite Health our Tai Chi program is settling in a little bit. We have 4 classes… Three daytime classes Monday at 8:30am, Thursday at 12 noon and Friday at 11am.  These three classes are for Beginner and Intermediate students and open for advance that want to work out.  The program is free for those who have health insurance that is connected with silver sneakers.  You can look on this page to find out the insurances that include silver sneakers.

If you don’t have an insurance that carries Silver Sneakers you can still take the day classes for just $3 per class.  The Wednesday evening class at 6:30pm are available for all, but this class tackles the Old Larger Frame Yilu Long Form of Chen Tai Chi.  Beginners are accepted in this mixed class.  Prices are different as it cost $20 per month for this class. This coming Wednesday starts a new month of classes if you are interested in coming.  For those who have a base in Tai Chi we offer a 30 minute class from 6 to 6:30pm teaching the Tai Chi two edged sword.  This is a fun weapon form in Tai Chi designed to loosen up the shoulders and hips in particular. This short class has an extra charge if you are interested.  It is for those who are already have a base in Tai Chi.


Just wanted to update you on everything we are doing.  Those who have not been coming please feel free to come back and enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi.  WE miss you!




James Cravens

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