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Pakua Chang (Kai Sai Method)


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Pakua Chang Kai Sai DVD's by James Cravens


Level One


Short Form - Circle walk holding the Eight Postures Short Form with Eight Changes Long form with Three Animals - Hawk, Phoenix, Dragon Core of the Core Chinese Boxing Synthesis Primary Joint Hand Drills and Free Movement Form must have rooted, smooth, unitary movement with correct structure throught the body. Pakua should be practiced at medium speed and medium height.


Level Two


Long Form - All amimals Stillness Stances Form should be done at medium pace and medium height. Short forms should be demonstrated at fast pace/medium height. Solo Exercises Improved form and improved Joint hands Short Form with Ruler Ring 9 Palaces Training


Level Three


Form Improved Slow Form Ruler Ring - moving on body in long form and chin na application during form.

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