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Online Classes can be purchased from CBII if there is a situation that it can be useful.  James Cravens teaches a few of these classes and if you feel that this is something you could benefit from please Email

Mr. Cravens to discuss the possibilities.  Obviously an online class would have limitations in martial arts but depending on the level of the student and the topic it can be useful when one does not have an instructor they can visit in person.


What you will need is computer or pad/smartphone access.  The device has to have a camera or camcorder and you will need to set the camera up so it can show your entire frame with some room for movement.  Some topics would require the whole body in the picture and some would not.  This has been useful to some in the past.  The software that is most popular is Skype although there are others that work well.  When an arrangement is made you can pay by mail or a special link will be put on our store for purchase.

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